We’re Hanky Collection, a concept brand that works with the LGBTQ+ community heritage to explore human connections, different languages, and sensorial codes, reinterpreting the hanky code phenomenon and its universe on an artistic level.

Back in the ‘70s, the “hanky code” was a color-based language used in the gay bars and cruising scene, from New York to San Francisco and beyond. To communicate sexual roles and preferences, people worn handkerchiefs of different shades in their jeans’ back pocket or knotted elsewhere on the body. With that legacy in mind, the Hanky Collection’s products are vessels of self-determination, contact, and seduction.

Our launch project is a journey through four topical scenarios of seduction, passion, eroticism, and love. We started on an olfactory level developing four original fragrances that will be available in the summer.

Widening our multi-sensory approach, we teamed up with four incredible artists and designers and paired their works with our perfumes to bring the rainbow, intended as a state of mind of openness and inclusivity, on everyone’s skin. We want to talk about freedom, affinity, and fluidity, freed from any form of prejudice towards any sort of diversity.

Our aim is to start producing the artworks, t-shirt, and leather accessory presented here in time for the celebrations of Pride2021.
And to do it, we need your support.

Radek Husak, Bartolomé Limon, Neil Secluded, and Sirainer are the protagonists of the first series of artistic collaborations within the Hanky Collection launch project. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to get these special and limited edition products and benefit from the reduced price exclusively available on the Indiegogo campaign. These range of unique perks are all paired with a preview set of our perfumes

Stunning digital and silkscreen prints, numbered and signed by the artist. An exclusive designer t-shirt, screen printed on the most sustainable and organic cotton we could find. A limited-edition C ring, made in Italy using the finest leather. And finally, one-of-a-kind hankies: authentic works of art hand-embroidered by their creator.

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